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2023-2024 Staff

Design Editor

Grace Jeon

Grace Jeon is a junior at San Marino High School who acts as Design Editor for the Shield. In her free time, Grace enjoys watching shows and going to the range. She is currently a member of the Korean Culture Club and is on th...

Sports Editor

Evan Bruno

Evan Bruno is a sophomore and sports editor for the Titan Shield. At school, he plays baseball and water polo, and is a member of MYSM and Middle East Club. He enjoys going to Dodger and UCLA football games, and in his free time lov...

Politics and News Editor

Leo Feng

Leo Feng is a current sophomore and an editor for the Titan Shield. Inside school, he enjoys talking with friends, goofing around, and eating food. Outside of school, he enjoys coding, learning, making organizations, contempla...

Aayan Khan

Aayan Khan

Aayan Khan is a junior, and the Editor-in-Chief of this year's Titan Shield. He has been a part of the Shield since freshman year, and yearbook in middle school in 7th and 8th grade. At school, he is a part of MYSM, Key Club,...

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