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2020-2021 Staff

Alina Sanok

Staff Artist

Alina Sanok is a senior this year. She has a twin brother, Joseph. She enjoys dance and is also a visual artist. Her artwork will be featured regularly within the Titan Shield website.

José Caire, MAA, MAE, CJE


Mr. Caire serves as the student publications director and adviser for both San Marino High School and Huntington Middle School. He is an award wining Journalism adviser. His publications have been recognized, nationally, by the...

Aayan Khan

Sports Editor

My name is Aayan Khan and I am a freshman, and this is my first year in Journalism. I worked in Yearbook in 7th grade as a staff member, and in 8th grade as an editor. I am on the football team and love to watch and play all ...

Ariel Jiang

Art & Graphics Editor

I am Yixin Jiang, an 11th grader, and I go by Ariel. One interesting fact about me is that I used to believe that the world was going to end by the year 2012 when I was in second grade—so I actually packed my favorite snacks into ...

Allyson Eng

News Editor

My name is Ally Eng, and I am a freshman here at SMHS. In my free time, I am often found at the library clutching numerous books in my arms and still scouring for more to read. I have been swimming for over a decade, and have...

Catie Tang

Copy Editor

Hi I am Catie Tang! This is my first year in Journalism, and I am currently a sophomore. I have an older sister who is currently a Junior. Some activities I enjoy are playing basketball and singing. I am a part of the school’s b...

Nadia Escobar

Entertainment Editor

I am Nadia Escobar and I am a freshman. I love to play sports and do fun activities with my friends. I love to play volleyball and softball and practice roller skating. I have three dogs, Olaf, Rarity, and D-bow.I love them a...

Bella Escobar

Features Editor

Im Bella Escobar and I am a senior.  This is my first time joining the newspaper team and I'm looking forward to enhancing my writing skills while being a part of this team.  My dream job is to work for Rolling Stone Magazine...

Arwen Wen

Opinion Editor

Arwen Wen is a sophomore. This is her second year as a member of the Titan Shield staff. Due to her love of literature and writing, Arwen readily joined the class last year and is back again. She is a competitive swimmer, as well...

Dexter Win

Managing Editor

Dexter Winn is a senior, and this is his second year on staff for the Titan Shield. Dexter joined Journalism in hopes of developing his writing skills and helping cover interesting stories about students and events in San Mar...