Freezing Temperatures Across The United States


Nadia Escobar, Entertainment Editor

Some states are more used to cold weather than others, but this month, each state in the United States will face below freezing temperatures. This February, states in America will face a very cold temperature that is not common. ”Every single state in the US — including Hawaii — will reach below freezing temperatures on Monday morning,” according to CNN. These temperatures, below 32 degrees, are some that many people in the United States are not used to. These colds will continue for the next month but will be very cold these next ten days. CNN has also reported that “It’s about to get so cold that boiling water will flash freeze, frostbite could occur within 30 minutes and it will become a shock to the system for even those who are used to the toughest winters.”

The reason for this cold weather is because of the Polar Vortex. The Polar Vortex is located in the poles and they break down  due to low pressure that cause their freezing temperatures to distribute throughout all the states. Although these temperatures are very low, they have weakened within the past six years due to sudden stratospheric warnings. 

The cold will start off in the midwest. Central Wisconsin will face -25F on Saturday. Some of the states will face their coldest temperatures within the past three years. Atlanta is going to face their coldest temperatures since 2018 and the East Coast won’t see temperatures above freezing for another week. Los Angeles will be at about 60 degrees on Monday and local cities like San Marino will be just under 55 degrees.

It is recommended that people stay inside or get shelter every 30 minutes. These temperatures are below average which will cause impact on some daily activities. To stay safe, stay inside and stay warm.