COVID-19 Updates


Nadia Escobar, Entertainment Editor

LA county has reported up to 5,000 more cases of Covid-19 this weekend and  there have been 124 new deaths. Even though the number of cases and deaths has increased, governor Gavin Newsom has thought it would be a good idea to re-open restaurants. Masks have been recommended to prevent Covid -19, but many people disagree.

“The new tally brings Los Angeles county to 1,116,892 cases and 16,770 deaths to date. 5,328 people are currently hospitalized with Covid-19 and 27% are in the ICU. Of the more than 5,501,000 individuals tested, 19% of all people tested positive,” as reported by There have been new strands of covid forming in South Africa, Europe and other places, but as far as we know the new strand originating from Europe has already reached the United States. The new strand of Covid-19 has been confirmed to be more contagious.

Zoos have also re-opened for the first time within the last two months. This weekend, there were many people creating a line to enter. Although there are many precautions that must be taken, leaving your house is still not recommended. 

The covid-19 vaccine has been available to health care workers and seniors and should soon be available for students and teachers. Until then, it is still recommended for everybody to stay home to limit the spread of Covid-19.