Mrs. Denise Wadsworth

Aayan Khan, Managing Editor

The Titans welcome our new speech pathologist, Mrs. Denise Wadsworth! Mrs. Wadsworth comes to our school with high hopes, especially as we start in person. As well as our speech pathologist, she will be working with various clubs such as Rotary Interact, continuing to help our school and community become a better place. 

Mrs. Wadsworth was born in Huntington, Indiana, coming to California almost 30 years ago. She got her Bachelor’s in microbiology, along with a minor in chemistry. For the past 20 years, she has been at Huntington Middle School down the street, working as the speech pathologist, as well as one of the leaders for Rotary Interact. Mrs. Wadsworth worked at Villa Esperanza in Pasadena, helping various students with intensive needs, as well as UT Dallas, before Huntington. Though, becoming a speech pathologist wasn’t at all what she imagined she would be as a kid, Mrs. Wadsworth’s road to becoming one has been unique and special. After working in various laboratories, she decided to try to get teaching credentials for teaching biology, but after taking courses in child linguistics and language and recommendations from others, she pursued graduate school as well. And the rest is history.

Now, Mrs. Wadsworth is focusing on how to help students better communicate after a long period of time at home, isolated from social interaction, during the pandemic.

“I am standing in front of the counselors office every morning at 7:45, making it my routine in the day just to say good morning to every single person, see that they’re looking at me and know somebody is thinking about them in a really positive way,” Wadsworth said. 

Along with all our other new teachers and staff, our school is beyond excited to welcome Mrs. Wadsworth full-time to the high school, helping us all take part in life-changing experiences that will make us and our school a better place.