School is Back

Catie Tang, Managing Editor

After a year of watching Netflix and attending school in bed, the titans are back to school in person. On the first day of school, students enter strutting their best outfits and reuniting with their friends. Unlike the first day of school at HMS, here at SMHS, it was a full day instead of a half day. In each period, teachers go over rules and expectations of the class and students bond with the classmates around them. Everything is almost the same as it used to be, but with a twist. Students and staff must wear masks at all times, besides when eating, and everyone is encouraged to stay outside when eating. This year, our school is also providing two meals a day for all students and COVID testing at no cost. Despite coming back to school during a pandemic, some things never change. Freshmen are still scrambling to find their classrooms on a much bigger campus, sophomores are chilling, juniors are stressing over how they’re going to survive junior year, and seniors are counting the days until senior ditch week. Although some introverted students are sad to be back in person, other students are excited to be able to see their friends again. 

At first it was definitely a little weird to come back in person , but now I’m so glad we are back. My first day was really fun because I was so excited to be in physical classrooms and to see everyone again!” Taline Nesnas, 11, said.

After seeing the campus buzzing with students, it’s safe to say that the first day of school was a success. Hopefully, Titans will continue to thrive and the pandemic will come to an end soon.