Icebreakers Dance 2021

Ariel Jiang, Managing Editor

On August 13, 2021, the first Friday of the 2021-2022 school year, ASB presented the SMHS Icebreakers dance to the entire school. With only $10 for online ticket buying and $20 at the door—which was later changed back to $10 at the door due to a system error for online ticket buying—the event was more than people expected. With dazzling lights and good sound effects, the Icebreakers dance attracted many students’ attention. “I really enjoyed the Icebreaker dance. The DJ was wonderful. Also, we were able to play ping pong with our friends. During the dance, I got to meet and became friends with a lot of freshmen and sophomores. It was a pretty good event!” Yanni Liu (12) said.

Though dancing with friends is fun, many titans were aware that because of Covid-19, this is an unprecedented time, and managed to keep their distance from each other. In addition to dancing, ASB also offered another alternative activity for the students who were not interested in dancing with the crowd: you could also step aside and play ping-pong with the other Titans. The SMHS Icebreakers dance was the first group dance of this school year (and the first dance held in almost a year and a half of the pandemic) and successfully helped us Titans to meet and make friends. It was especially important since there has just been more than a year of online learning.