Mr. Rob Folsom Joins the SMHS Faculty

Aayan Khan, Managing Editor

Our school welcomes a familiar face, our new band and orchestra teacher, Mr. Rob Folsom! Mr. Folsom is no stranger to the district, as he is the orchestra teacher down at Huntington. All our students and staff are excited to see Mr. Folsom lead our band and orchestra programs. 

Mr. Folsom went to South Pasadena High School, where he even played baseball against San Marino. Folsom attended Cal Poly Pomona and Azusa Pacific, playing in several orchestras, including the American Youth Symphony. Before coming to Huntington, Mr. Folsom played the violin professionally and free-lanced in many different areas of music. No doubt, music is a huge and integral part of Mr. Folsom’s life, leading him to teach students who have the same passion for music as him. That passion led him to SMHS, when offered the band and orchestra teacher position. “At first I was a little concerned as I have little background in band, but then I realized the kids here didn’t need someone to teach them music, but someone to make music with, which I knew I could do a good job with,” Mr. Folsom said. 

Coming back to school in-person has been so key for all classes and activities at school, but by far music classes have been affected the most. “It makes a world of difference, I can’t stress it enough. Not only does it make it more fun, but more effective, as you are so limited on Zoom and what you can show [students]. Plus, it’s a social thing, as music is meant to be shared in-person,” Mr. Folsom said. Not only do kids better understand and learn the art of their instrument, but can enjoy the fruits of experiencing the beauty of the music they create. 

Students and staff across the campus welcome Mr. Folsom to our school, welcoming him to the Titan family.