9/15 Fire Drill

Janette Fu, Managing Editor

SMHS had a fire drill September 15 at 9:40 a.m., which happened during students’ second period. After the alarms sounded, all students made their way to the football field with their class, sitting in columns according to the football field yardage markers. 

According to the fire emergency services, “The purpose of a fire drill is to familiarize and reinforce proper evacuation routes and practices. The goal is to have the proper actions be an automatic response whenever fire alarms sound, so that everyone safely evacuates the area in an orderly manner.”

“Although it seems tedious to have to spend 20-30 minutes evacuating, I think it’s important to learn where we’re supposed to go in case of an emergency,” Jenny Zheng, 10, said. “If we had an actual fire, I feel like students wouldn’t know what to do, which is why we do these fire drills.”