Titan Wellness Center


Janette Fu, Editor

Located above the library, the Wellness Center is now new and improved. Our new wellness staff was introduced last year, but many students were unable to properly interact and communicate with them because of the difficulties brought along with the pandemic. 

So, what’s different from previous years? Before, students would come in and talk with other students about their struggles. Now, the Wellness Center has Tonya El-Hendi, a licensed social worker, who provides formal therapy sessions for students who need them. Other interns are also involved in giving these therapy sessions.

On top of these counseling sessions, El-Hendi has more plans coming. She has organized some events for September’s Suicide Prevention Month such as the Darkness Walk, a student-led council to enact active change within the school, and more. 

“If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, the Titan Wellness Center is here for students as a resource for individual therapy and access to resources and workshops. Student confidentiality is our priority!” Lindsay Snaer, MFT training, said. 

“We’re just here to support your emotional and physical well-being,” Adan Barron, MSW intern, said. 

If you need to contact the Wellness Center, you can email them at [email protected] and follow them at @sanmarinowellnesscenter. You can also call them at (626)299-7020 ext: 3325.