Fall Spirit Assembly


Aayan Khan, Editor

Last week, on Friday, ASB held our first assembly of the year, the Fall Spirit Assembly. On that day, classes were shortened by 9 minutes, banners of the Titan sports teams were strewn around campus, and the entire school, even the teachers, were brimming with excitement. It was a welcome change to the monotonous routine of school and a perfect transition into Homecoming week. As an event dedicated to representing our school’s spirit, outstanding athletics, and VAPA programs, the assembly took place after the first period at the football field. 

First, to start off the assembly with energy, a horde of Seniors burst through a banner and raced onto the field, shouting like maniacs. Afterwards, the various varsity sports teams were introduced and applauded, with each team attempting to hype up the students. Then, both cheer teams, the dance team, and the marching band each gave stunning, energetic performances. “It was splendid,” Carlo Repetto, 9,  said. “I’m very glad that I could sit with my friends instead of being forced to sit in a predetermined order. I thought the drumline performance was the best part about it.” 

For many of the Freshmen and Sophomores, the Fall Spirit Assembly was an entirely new experience. Instead of being an event held in an auditorium featuring guest speakers, the assembly was more focused on school individuals and rejuvenating school spirit. “I was honestly kind of surprised by the assembly. I didn’t really expect to be sitting in the bleachers. I thought it would be boring, but in reality, the assembly was pretty exciting. It was like we had our personal hype-men. I also liked how there weren’t teachers supervising us so we could pretty much do whatever we wanted,” Jared Wang, 9, said. 

Fortunately for us, ASB worked incredibly hard to bring this assembly into reality. With ASB president Lucas Levy facilitating the assembly and various other cabinet members on the field keeping things organized, each member of ASB had an important part to play. “It was grueling work to organize the entire assembly. While the preparations were difficult, I think it paid off in the end. We were all very satisfied with the end result,” Freshman ASB president Justin Lin said.