Lights Out!

Ariel Jiang, Editor

On the nights of November 12 and November 13, 2021, our SMHS dance department presented the first in-person dance show after the pandemic. In an exquisite and wonderful showcase of talent, all who were part of “Lights Out” took the stage.

Inspired by the moment of darkness right before the start of the show, Dance Company chose to title the dance show as “Lights Out”. With the help of many (community, dancers, stage crew, staff, and parents) the show was wonderfully presented to the audience. “Lights Out” started at 7pm and ended at about 8:45pm. The entire show of 16 dances was halved into Act I and Act II, with a 10 minutes break in between. Not only did the dancers of dance class participate in the show, the dancers of 8th grade at Huntington Middle School and the dancers of the K-Pop workshop participated as well. The main show was highly energetic, with 1 to 2 softer, more emotional dances in each act. Out of all 16 dances, almost half were completely choreographed by the dancers of Dance Company.

Throughout the entire show, many of the audience, young and old, were absorbed into the show along with the effects of bright lighting and the energy of the dancers. In the end, not only did the audience enjoy watching the show, the dancers also had a good time presenting the show to the community.