Why We Should Have An Exempt Day After Holidays

Why We Should Have An Exempt Day After Holidays

Leah Dean, Staff Writer

Should we have the day off after holidays? I think that the answer is yes. Why? Well, most holidays we celebrate have some importance in our lives and more often than not, we celebrate until the later hours of that day.

 On Halloween, for example, most kids are out late at night going trick or treating, or just spending the night watching horror movies with family or friends. This year Halloween was on a Sunday and as you can guess more students were tired at school the next day. Next Halloween is going to be on a Monday. Some schools do give their students that day off, but ours does not. I think that because almost everyone does something on Halloween, we should have the day after off. It is no use having tired students in the classroom and it is better to recognize that reality and simply give students another day to recover. 

On Easter, which always happens on a Sunday, most people celebrate in the morning. So with Easter it is fine to have school the day after. However, holidays that happen on a specific calendar day, like Halloween, can happen on any day of the week. If they happen to be on a Friday or Saturday, then it is fine because we have the weekend to rest. But any other day we would just have school and be tired that we can’t concentrate in our classes. 

Therefore, the day off after Halloween and any other holiday that happens on a weekday other than Friday should be given off for us students.