Moon Resignation


Evan Bruno, Staff Writer

Last week, San Marino High School counselor Ms. Linda Moon resigned from her position for reasons unknown. Students received an email during the fourth period on Friday, January 14, 2022, telling them about this turn of events and what would happen to this position. Principal Kurtenbach stated that assistant principal Mr. Kassam-Clay would take over the position until a new counselor had been hired. The original goal for the date of hire was January 28, however that did not happen and the search continued for Moon’s replacement. 

This resignation occurred at a difficult time, as current Juniors and Sophomores are currently scheduling their classes for the upcoming school year. Mr. Kassam-Clay has fulfilled the responsibilities of the counselor role, but until a new counselor can be hired, progress in scheduling will be slower than usual, as Kassam-Clay has to balance his duties as assistant principal with his temporary responsibilities as counselor. 

Ms. Moon had worked in the district for nine years until her resignation became effective on January 18, 2022. She originally was the counselor at Carver, but had earned a new role at San Marino High School following her successes at Carver. She was at the high school for around a year when she decided it was best for her to move on. As the search for a new counselor continues, many students hope the search ends quickly, as they need a counselor to help get their desired schedule next year. As of the publishing of this story, a new counselor has been hired.