Arts Rock

Janette Fu, Editor

On March 27, SMHS held Arts Rock in which everybody could join and enjoy all that the Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) Department has to offer. 

The day started with Choir’s Workshop, “Sing with SMHS Choirs!”, where students taught themselves the basics of singing. Dance Company’s “Groove: Learn a hip-hop piece for beginners” taught people the basics of hip hop. Band’s “Amusing Music: Learn to Play the Recorder” taught those who attended “Hot Cross Buns” and “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Drama held an improv game, “Mission Improvable,” which was led by the Comedy Sportz team. Lastly, the National Art Honors Society held “Piece it Together!” in which those who attended could design and color their own 48-piece jigsaw puzzle. After all the workshops, SMHS VAPA students (drama, dance, choir, band/orchestra) performed, showcasing all the lessons and skills learned.

There were also many booths such as Titan Musing’s DIY mini magazine stand, choir’s karaoke, band’s recorder lesson/performance and instrumental petting zoo, art’s gallery show,  drama’s costume try out, face painting, glitter tattoos, bead making, origami, dance’s tie dye, “Just Dance” game, and so much more! Additionally, there were 3 food trucks (Mexican, burgers, shaved ice) that were popular among all those who attended. 

“It’s really nice to see so many people support VAPA because we honestly don’t get enough funding. I hope all the middle schoolers and elementary schoolers join various VAPA programs because a lot of the groups are becoming smaller each year,” Marching Band member Rachael Wen, 12, said.