Humanities Begin Their Trips to the Huntington


Aayan Khan, Editor-in-Chief

Did you really think that high school doesn’t have field trips? Well, the students in Humanities do. Every other week in fact. The Humanities class, led by Ms. Michelle Pauline, who teaches our art classes as well, and Mrs. Lisa Davidson, who also teaches AP Language, adventure to the Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens every other Thursday. As a part of their curriculum, they take these weekly trips to reflect and analyze the different literary and artistic works of the Huntington. Let’s take a closer look at what these trips entail.

The Humanities class emphasizes the importance of literature and art in our modern world, and these trips to the Huntington provide that very opportunity for students to connect with the real world. The trip is more of a class that is just held at Huntington, but offers students so much more than what they can learn in school. As Humanities is positioned during fourth period and homeroom, students are provided with ample time to spend at the Huntington, specifically from 11:45 to 1:00, just in time for fifth period. 

Though abandoned by the bus and having to cancel their planned trip to the Huntington, the Humanities class started their trip the week after with the large portraits gallery, taking in the story each piece tells the onlookers passing by. “Ms. Pauline told us that the average time that a person spends looking at an art piece is about 6 seconds, so today our mission was to take a longer look at the massive portraits to discover the details that we previously missed,” Olivia Gregson, 11, said. Lessons like these are what makes the Humanities class so special, and one of the hidden gems at our school (not to mention the honors credit as well).

The Humanities class is looking forward to a year of adventurous exploration and curiosity. of the Huntington Library and the artistic and literary aspects of the modern world itself.