Titans Take the Crowley Cup!


Leo Feng, Editor

Needless to say, our school and South Pasadena High School have a storied rivalry, which is epitomized by the Crawley Cup. Generally a fierce clash between two well run football programs, the Crawley Cup symbolizes the very pride of our two schools. In past years, the Crawley Cup has been considered the most exhilarating and intense game of the season, with many of them going down to the wire and being won at the last minute by clutch plays. Fortunately, this year’s game did not disappoint and likewise, was won by a dramatic game winning play. 

The game started off with a buzzing atmosphere with the entire student section on both sides of the field brimming with excitement. After multiple defensive stops by both teams, the Titans struck first in the first quarter, with Ryan Singhal, 12, making a long run to score the first touchdown. The Tigers soon responded, with a rushing touchdown of their own, to tie the game before halftime. After halftime, both teams played lockdown defense, but the Tigers somehow found a way to break through, scoring another touchdown at the end of the third quarter. The touchdown managed to silence the previously roaring San Marino crowd and it seemed almost inevitable that South Pasadena would score again. However, this all changed with a crucial redzone pick six from Mikey Yessian, 11, which managed to even the score and give the Titans all the momentum heading into the last stages of the game. Soon after, riding the wave of momentum, the Titans scored another touchdown courtesy of a rush by Jayan Anvekar, 11, but kicker Jacob Kreinbring, 9, missed the extra point, making the score 20-14 in favor of the Titans. Unfortunately, the Titans were unable to hold onto the lead against the relentless South Pasadena offense and gave up the lead with only 2 minutes left in the game, forcing the Titans to score at least a field goal on their next drive. 

In their final drive, the Titans got off to a quick start, utilizing both an effective passing and running game. However, they soon found themselves in a troubling situation as they were forced to convert on a fourth and long. Fortunately, quarterback Brady Beck, 10, clutched up and managed to find Yessian wide open to get the first down. It all came down to Kreinbring to remedy his missed extra point and win the game for the Titans. With the crowd roaring with cheers and South Pas related chants, Kreinbring stepped up and … missed, but was able to retake the field goal due to a South Pasadena timeout. Once again, Kreinbring stepped up … and missed again, but this time, a false start penalty was called on South Pasadena. Finally, on his third try, Kreinbring nailed the field goal, dispatching the football straight through the posts, and sending the San Marino crowd into total pandemonium. After the game ended, a pitch invasion occurred, with almost all the student attendees storming the field and swarming around Kreinbring and the other football players. Despite the shaky and tense atmosphere, the Titans fortunately managed to pull through with a dramatic win thanks to the heroics of Jacob Kreinbring.