A Night of Choreography


Grace Jeon, Staff Writer

On the night of January 27, dancers in beginning and advanced dance classes and members of Dance Company share their original choreographed performance. This performance is set apart from other dance shows because it is one-hundred percent student run and is the first show in over ten years to run in this manner. Therefore, students were able to get a better understanding of how production works: choosing their own costumes and music and getting creative with lighting and effects to elevate the performance further.

During the show, dancers performed hip-hop with strong, rhythmic beats, lyrical choreographies that depict emotions and insights of the real world. In addition, dancers also ventured out to contemporary and jazz pieces with flamboyant, sparkly costumes. The lighting, fog, and stropping effects also added to the intensity of the performance keeping the audience on the edge throughout the whole show. The dancers’ family, friends, and instructor Ms. Shen was ecstatic to see their performances come to life and see the amount of hard work and dedication pay off. Ms. Shen told Titan Shield “it makes me super proud of my students because to see their own creativity through their work just shows me how much they have grown as dancers and as artists.” 

Many dancers of the night have seen dramatic improvement throughout their years of performing and are excited for their future endeavors as continuing artists. Lydia, a member of the Dance Company, voiced that, “I feel like this was the best night it could have been and seeing that my hard work with my partner, Shana, has just really paid off.” Lydia has been dancing since she was a toddler and never stopped trying for her passion. She was always dedicated to improving and working hard towards her goal. For future dancers, Lydia shared that, “I tried out for Dance Company three times throughout my high school career and was able to get a position on my third try, so if you don’t stop trying you are bound to get to your goal in the end and all of your hard work will pay off.” Lydia, as a senior, is excited for her future as a college student and hopes to pursue as an artist and continue her passion of dancing as a great hobby.