The Cons of ChatGPT


Kate Chung, Staff Writer

When people have a question they usually ask the internet, and when people want to have a conversation they will usually ask a person. But the Open AI company made an AI model designed to generate responses to questions and prompts, Chat GPT. On the surface, Chat GPT appears to be a huge step forward in the field of technology. Its application could be used for a variety of purposes and could aid in making human life easier. But the downsides and problems that lurk beneath its waters are not to be looked down upon. Chat GPT could be the start of the oppression of the human voice and has many deficiencies that make it unreliable. 

Future applications of Chat GPT can suppress human opinion. Through newspapers, articles, and social media, humans have found a way to voice their opinions on numerous topics. Millions have voiced concerns, expressed opinions, and showed new perspectives. The array of colorful ideas and perspectives have made the way we express ourselves incredibly unique. The threat that applications of Chat GPT have on the way we express ourselves and communicate is monstrous. The very heart of what makes the news, articles, and social media so special is the fact that everyone has so many different opinions. The different outlook that so many people have on a single subject is what makes articles so interesting. But articles written by Chat GPT will completely strip that perspective from the articles and news. Though articles written by Chat GPT will aid in making news and stories unbiased, Chat GPT will also be erasing human opinions and oppressing the opinions of so many.

Additionally, Chat GPT has too many unknown factors including  questions of limited knowledge and privacy. Human brains are always evolving and taking in new information. But is it the same with AI models? And if so, how reliable is the information? The questions that arise when discussing how Chat GPT gets its information and expresses it is numerous and many. How are we able to make sure that Chat GPT’s responses are reliable? And where do they come from? Chat GPT is too unreliable to whole-heartedly trust. Furthermore, privacy concerns are a huge source of distrust and skepticism. Citizens need to know if conversations are completely private or if there is a chance of it being leaked. When sharing information people should feel safe and know that whatever topic they are discussing doesn’t get leaked. But how can we test Chat GPT’s security? How can we trust Chat GPT?

People are amazing in the way they think and express themselves. The millions of people who are free to convey their thoughts and perspectives should never be suppressed. And the worries that people have over Chat GPT’s accuracy and security makes it an unreliable source. Though Chat GPT is a momentous step forward into a new world, it’s also a monstrous one that houses oppression and instability.