Titan News Returns to San Marino


Grace Jeon, Staff Writer

Broadcast Journalism, a field of news which is filmed and documented with electronics, is vast and needs people with different specialties to create an end product for the general public to see. With aspiring filmmakers, news reporters, and TV producers, Mr. David Basulto, the Media Arts teacher of San Marino High School, intends to make a productive team to develop their passion and create news updates for students to enjoy. 

Before Mr. Basulto left the district, Titan News and Production Team was running for eight years, and had filmed games and events around San Marino. The team entered many competitions and always placed among the top three. Currently, since Mr. Basulto is back, eager to share different branches of media arts, his mission is to bring back the Titans News Team to the glory that it once was, and to hopefully make the team stronger and more productive than ever. Along with expanding students’ creativity, he wants to establish good ethics and collaboration to help them with future careers. 

To make the team productive and to reach great heights, Mr. Basulto plans to make the Titan News an after-school class on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 to 5:00 pm. Students with different interests will have different roles as news anchor, news reporter, producers, and video editors and will collaborate effectively to document important games and events throughout San Marino. Simultaneously, the director of Titan News, Samantha Chang, 11, will manage the team and make sure everything runs smoothly. Chang explained that she joined this class because “she likes the business and hustle of the team, and has had many experiences with film and a great passion in filming and sharing stories.” She also adds that she is “looking forward to all the projects [they] make, helping bring light to events around the school, which otherwise would not be heard without social media, and hoping that the team’s meeting will eventually become its own course in the future.” The Titan News and Production Team is on its way to bring bright futures to aspiring students and will institute great habits for their future careers.