The end of yearbook


Kate Chung, Staff Writer

Perseverance, persistence, hard-work, and grit. Those qualities are embodied within every single member of the 2023 yearbook class as they work tirelessly to give the most memorable yearbook to every student. From nights dedicated to designing pages, hours committed to writing copy, and time diligently spent taking photos, yearbook students have devoted themselves to turning memories into everlasting moments. Yearbook has covered an array of events from assemblies, sport events, dances, and fundraisers! The book represents the culmination of all the events that students have participated in throughout the year and now that it’s coming to an end, yearbook staffers and editors have an exciting and reflective outlook to share. 

Yearbook staffer Jennifer Ko comments, “There were bound to be mistakes and failures along the way yet the staff still came up with an amazing book. And later on, maybe in ten years or so, I will look back at the book and remember all the hours put into it.” As a copywriter and designer, Ko works with both the visual and literary parts of the yearbook. She designs the layouts of the pages as well as works to help describe and understand events in the book. Even with her prior experience in Yearbook at middle school, Ko learned many things along her yearbook journey and is proud that the book represents her hard work and dedication. 

Editor in Chief Ean Shew has been in the Yearbook since middle school. Now as a senior, the 2022-2023 yearbook is the last yearbook she will produce as a high schooler. Shew oversees the entirety of the yearbook class and works closely with her team of editors to complete the book. She reveals, “At the beginning of the year, one of the staffers asked me about my favorite part of being in Yearbook. It’s seeing students open their yearbook for the first time- those moments make all the late nights and last minute revisions worth it.”  Shew worked incredibly hard to finish the best yearbook possible to give to every student and San Marino. And now that it’s finished, she is extremely excited to distribute the new book and see how people respond to it. Additionally she exclaims, “We truly pushed out of our comfort zone this year in a multitude of ways, but we couldn’t have done it without the editor team- words can barely describe how grateful I am for the support of my editors and advisor.” The editors of the yearbook team have poured their hearts and souls into the book whilst sacrificing their nights and time to complete the best book possible. Shew is forever grateful for the support and help she has gotten from the 2022-2023 yearbook class. Yearbook is not only just a culmination of the events throughout the year, it’s a culmination of all the work and dedication that yearbook students have given towards an amazing book.