Registration Day for Virtual Learning


Bella Escobar, Staff Member

Over 500 students gathered together on registration day just before the official virtual school year began due to the coronavirus outbreak.  I’m sure many are wondering who would ever allow that many students to all be in one place during a global pandemic.  The most important and impressive part of this situation is that those 500+ students were not at school all at the same time. Our staff and PTSA managed to come up with an incredible method to get every single student the textbooks and other supplies needed to begin this completely virtual school year! The event lasted an entire week as each grade had their own day to attend school and pick up their needed supplies. Throughout the event everyone managed to social distance and wore masks to ensure others’ safety. Very similar to a fast food drive through, students drove up the school’s gym circle drive and were given their textbooks. Then, they got out of their cars and walked into the small gym to get their ID photos taken, there were only about 3 people in the gym at a time. Students then waited for their ID’s to be given to them and were free to go! It’s incredible how the amazing staff was able to accommodate every single student’s needs and get everyone prepared for the new school year.

Many students can get behind the fact that this was a very easy and efficient process to navigate. It was a process that many appreciated because it did not take up too much time out of peoples’ days. When asked how they felt about the process, Sophie Flemming (12) said, “Honestly, it was fine. I just didn’t really want to go back to school, because summer seemed non-existent. But the process itself was easy enough, and the staff was nice and helpful.” I’m sure many students will relate to how Sophie felt, since most spent their summer inside and the school year arrived quicker than many expected.  Jessica VanFossan (12) also described the registration process as, ”Super easy because all we had to do was write our names on a piece of paper and wait until the staff told us to take our picture. The most efficient part was how quickly they took our ID photos and brought all our textbooks straight to our cars.” Many people agree that the easiest part of the registration process was the minimal activity that took place outside of our cars.

As a result, many students were very satisfied with the experience they had on registration day. It was a very easy process to welcome students into the new school year. In light of all the difficult times many are going through, it’s nice to have a school that cares about students’ safety and needs.