ASB’s The Barkschelor


Nadia Escobar, Staff Member

The Barskschelor was a fun and creative way to bring students together and participate in ASB’s dog contest. There were seventeen dogs included for the student round and twelve dogs included for the staff round. Even our principal included his dog Kindred, a Great Dane, for this school activity!  For the first student round, there were four brackets. There were Tinker vs. Ozzie, Toshi vs. Roxy, Chico vs. Tucker, Bolt vs. Tank, Tim vs. Peanut, Moses vs. Benny Bear, Olaf vs. Charlie, and Prince vs. Winston vs. Rarity. Every dog was cute but only Ozzie, Toshi, Chico, Tank, Peanut, Moses, Olaf, and Winston made it to the next round. This round was more intense because the dog votes became closer and closer! After two rounds of student pets, the staff round began. The dogs entered were named Carly, Pawley, Echo, Ares, Marty, Rufus, Larry, Matzo Ball, Pig, Kindred, Gromit, and Ticket (the drama teacher’s dog who regularly comes to school). Each dog was cute in its own personal way but the moving on contestants were  Pawley, Ares, Rufus, Matzo Ball, Kindred, and Ticket. For the final staff round, Ares, Rufus, and Ticket were left. They had an intense poll and a very close percentage of votes, but Rufus was the final staff winner. Rufus is a Shih-Tzu owned by Mr.Caire, the journalism, yearbook, newspaper, and design teacher. For the student round, the final student contestants were Olaf and Toshi. Olaf had 51% votes and Toshi had 49% of the votes. This round was very close in numbers. Between this close match, Olaf won. He is a Malamute Husky owned by two students, Bella and Nadia Escobar. Since Olaf won the student round, Rufus and Olaf had to face each other for the finals! When the poll was posted, numbers were escalating quickly. Rufus constantly caught up to Olaf and the votes were not settled until the very last second. In the end, after all the hard work the voters put in, Olaf was the final winner of the Barkschelor. Olaf and Rufus are both very cute. All dog participants were greatly appreciated. Thanks go out to ASB for putting on this contest. The winning dog will receive a gift basket.