The Humanities Class Video Tutorials Project


Artwork by Alina Sanok, Staff Artist

Aayan Khan, Staff Member

Students in Humanities class were assigned a new project for the quarter, testing their creativity and innovation. The project entailed and required three detailed videos being made as tutorials, showing a certain skill or activity. Each skill or activity made by each individual was their way of giving back to the community, especially the younger generation, to help them get through this pandemic while at home. The activities that were showcased varied from playing golf to drawing, dancing to playing the ukulele, and much more. The Humanities class students worked hard on this project and hope for the viewers of their work to make the best out of it.

To start off, what is Humanities? The Humanities class is one of our school’s blended classes where some of the instruction was already being taught online (pre-COVID), and some was being taught in-person. The class started as an experimental class 5 years ago, where from there it blossomed into one of our school’s creativity-filled and unique classes. The class is led by two teachers, across school disciplines, Ms. Pauline (Art) and Mrs. Redmond (English). In the class, before the pandemic, students would meet twice a week; once at the Huntington Library, to study the Library’s vast collections of art, and once to meet to work on various projects that were assigned to them for that quarter. Students are usually assigned a project with a given theme for each quarter, reflecting on the world around them and how we as humans take part in this world.

Now, in terms of the project the class took part in this quarter, students used and showed their own skill to help younger people make the best of their time at home. Students were given three weeks to complete the project, through September. The project’s main goal was to give back to the community irrespective, but was centered around the idea of kids being at home and learning these new skills during quarantine. “The first time we did it was in the Quarter 4, and as you know Quarter 4 last year was a little loose and is different than Quarter 1 is this time, so we were surprised at how many students went ahead and did this assignment, even though the grading and everything was very nebulous, as you know. So, we realized that it was a project that students seem to really like and really care about and I think that I it would be a worthy assignment to do even if we had a different theme,” Ms. Pauline, one of the Humanities instructors, said. Truly, the project gave great results and is one that we hope to see again in the future.

The Humanities class’ project wasn’t just meant to be seen as stuff to do while home, but to show a message to everyone that we are not alone in this pandemic, and we will get through this together.