New Girls Volleyball Coach


Nadia Escobar, Staff Member

Our school’s girls volleyball team now has a new coach, Angel Ramirez. Coach Ramirez has taken this great opportunity to take full commitment of the whole volleyball program and be the head coach. He has coached at previous places like La Salle High School for about three years, from 2014 -2017 and he is also a part of the Forza West Club community as well. He has played volleyball himself and his favorite spot to play is hitter.

Coach Ramirez explains how there will be many guidelines to follow when we go back to school in real life. “There are a lot of new guidelines to follow. My plans are just to abide by all of those. Seeing how we are online right now we will continue to do workouts.” Coach Ramirez explains how he plans to continue the volleyball season safely. As volleyball season is going on right now, he handles practice by providing workouts for the athletes to complete during class on Zoom. This routine is very productive because it physically prepares everyone for the upcoming season.

Coach Ramirez explains that important factors of improving the team are the basic roots of the team. He explains, “Creating a foundation of having good effort, committing to the team, working on skill level and keeping a balanced atmosphere of competitiveness.” When asked what he plans to do to make the team better, he says that he plans to keep the team’s foundation healthy and competitive at the same time. Although the point is not to win, competitiveness is a key to having a great team. “I like the systematic part of volleyball.” He explains that volleyball is like a domino effect. It is a team effort and there is a lot that goes on even when the ball is not in your own possession. That is a reason why he loves volleyball. 

Coach Ramirez grew up playing baseball and football as well. He continued playing high school volleyball for three years and took it more seriously than other sports. Coach Ramirez’s favorite hobbies are watching movies. He says that he is interested in war related action movies, and his current favorite movie is “Dunkirk.” He owns a Shih-Tzu and her name is Chicken Noodles. Coach Ramirez has extensive coaching experience and will bring many good things to our volleyball team. He has a great attitude and is a great motivator.