Football is Back to on Campus Practices


Aayan Khan, Staff Member

After 7 months of tireless waiting, last Monday, the Titan football team finally got to get back on the field for the first time. The anticipated moment came with thorough preparation and excellent execution. A week prior, the school board officially approved and allowed the team to proceed. With the help of the coaching staff and our school administration and health staff, our players can finally get back to grinding on the field. Though it was a great feeling to get back on the field, the players were rejuvenated to get back to work. 

The way the coaching staff has organized and scheduled the practice is sophisticated, to say the least, but has made football safe. The team is divided into 5 cohorts, or groups, of 10-12 players. Each cohort is coached by no more than 2 coaches. Two cohorts have practice at 3:45, and the other three have it at 5:00, for one hour. Now, the players continue to go through with their online lift workout through 6th Period, so the goal of the practices on the field is to get conditioned and work on specific skill moves, including tempo runs, MAT drills, running routes, and more. The proceedings of the practice include having the players getting to their respective practices 20 minutes before the given time. Once there, the players check-in with staff, who check whether or not the players have filled out the form to get on campus. Then the players take their temperature, and are cleared and given a slip to show the coaches that they are ready to go. Players are advised to come prepared with their mask, cleats, water, and some other necessary equipment. Though it is hard to play with a mask on, players are required to keep it on and keep a safe distance with everyone. To start off this new process, the coaches are taking it slow to get a better understanding of how to practice as efficiently as possible. 

In preparation for the season, there is lots of excitement. “Being back on the field is an awesome feeling. Running is my type of sport and it wouldn’t be the same without my teammates beside me. To have fun and see everyone playing football again,” Valentin Arambula, 12, said.