Animaniacs Return After 22 Years


Bella Escobar, Staff Member

After 22 years, it’s time for Animaniacs, and it’s zanier than ever. The classic nineties animated comedy cartoon is returning to television screens this year.   The Warner brothers (and the Warner sister) Yakko and Wakko, and their sister Dot are back with new skits, songs, and segments with side villains, Pinky and The Brain making appearances as well.

Some background information on the plot of the show was that Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were locked away in the Warner Bros. Water Tower in the 1930’s. They escaped the tower in the 1990’s, located in Burbank, California, and  now they run around the Warner Bros. movie lot having fun and causing chaos, which usually involves some authoritative figure getting “drived crazy.”  The episodes usually consisted of 3 short segments which included different characters in each one, which is where Pinky and the Brain can often be seen doing the same thing they do every night – trying to take over the world.

The characters aren’t the only things returning,  the original cast of the show is coming back as well, meaning Rob Paulson is still voicing Yakko Warner and Pinky.  Tress MacNeille will voice as Dot Warner. Jess Harnell will voice Wakko Warner, and Maurice LaMarche will remain as Brain. 

 “We all love this show and these characters so much and the script so far. They’re really, really funny. It’s going to be a great new endeavor,” Harnell said.  Paulsen also adds that, “This is an absolute dream come true,” and for many this is absolutely right.

So what’s in store for the new reboot?  Well, as seen in the new trailer which was released on Wednesday October 21,  the Warners take on the 21st century and bask in everything they’ve missed within the last 22 years of being off the air, with mentions of Beyoncé and even a short appearance of President Donald Trump. 

It appears to be a promising revival as many of the viewers of the original show, who are now adults, will be tuning in to enjoy the company of their old childhood figures while capitalizing on their old childhood memories.  An entirely new generation of viewers will also get to experience and appreciate these “totally insaney” characters for the first time.  As the new Animaniacs Twitter account would put it, “Animaniacs were there for ya then, and we’re here for ya now,” and those are the facts.

New Animaniacs episodes will premiere on Hulu starting November 20, 2020.