The Attack on the Capitol

Nadia Escobar, Entertainment Editor

On January 6, many Trump supporters invaded the United States Capitol to make a statement about their dissatisfaction with the 2020 election results. This event lasted for many hours, leaving the capitol vandalized and broken into. This riot led to five deaths and many arrests of American Citizens.  

Many believed that this riot could be considered an act of domestic terrorism since it quickly escalated to robberies, violence and death. “Those who performed these reprehensible acts cannot be called protesters; no, these were rioters and insurrectionists, goons and thugs, domestic terrorists,” This was said by Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). Many people agree on this being called domestic terrorism, as it was a violent attack on the United States Capitol. 

 This riot proved to many people that white supremacy is real. When protestors for the Black Lives Matter movement were out in the streets, they were quick to be called looters and rioters and police were guarding off all streets, but when Trump supporters decided to riot at the capitol, nobody was there to stop them. 

Many people are arguing that President Trump should be removed from office due to his lack of response to this raid. The people of America are trying to invoke the 25 amendment due to his absence in speaking of the injustice these Americans have created. Many politicians have already spoken out on this situation, leaving Trump to be the only one who has yet to say something. Trump’s social media platforms have been suspended since he violated guidelines about lying of a fraudulent election. Trump was last recorded telling rioters to be peaceful and not cause damage. 

This riot was an awakening to many republican Trump Supporters in congress who have since turned on him due to these turn of events. Congress members are now considering impeaching Trump for the second time. In the meantime, the people of the United States have to wait until January 20 for a new president, if all goes well.