Kamala Harris’ February Vogue Cover 


Nadia Escobar, Entertaiment Editor

Kamala Harris is said to be the new vice president of the United States on January 20, 2021 along with President Joe Biden. On January 10, 2021, a photo of Kamala Harris- the first female Black and Jamaican Indian descent vice president, on the cover of Vogue Magazine surfaced on the internet. The physical copy of the magazine shows Harris in a black suit smiling with a pink and green background and she is wearing casual attire with black converse and a black jacket.

Vogue has received backlash for this photo. Many people are saying that Vogue has been disrespectful to put the first female vice president of the United states in such normal attire. “The cover also generated outrage on social media as posters expressed disappointment in how the magazine decided to present the nation’s first female vice president on its cover.” stated by apnews.com. Many social media platforms have also been saying that the photo for the physical copy of the magazine looks like a practice photo and isn’t supportable. Harris came forward to say that her and her team never agreed to make that photo the main cover. Vogue had made last minute changes without the approval of Harris. The photo that was supposed to be on the magazine has a yellow background with a photo of Harris in a baby blue suit. Social media platforms agree that this photo looks much more sophisticated and appropriate for the cover of the first minority woman as vice president.

Although all the backlash vogue has received, they have not yet said they will change the photo of the physical copy of the magazine, but they have released both versions as digital copies.